What Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

| What Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy? | green natural supplement What foods to avoid during pregnancy

That’s it, you’re pregnant or you’re planning to be very soon. And when people talk about pregnancy around you, the advice keeps on coming, especially about the diet to follow. But how do you sort through all this information? Green Natural Supplements will help you to find the truth from the false.

Watch your diet

As you know, a pregnant woman must be careful about what she eats: even if she eats more, the slightest deviation can have repercussions on the development of the baby, whether in the womb or after birth.

Raw foods and dairy products

It is especially important to watch one’s food in order not to catch listeriosis and toxoplasmosis (many women are not immune to the latter). Listeriosis can be transmitted by food of animal origin (meat, eggs, milk, cheese) or by an infected animal for example: this is why it is strongly advised to avoid soft cheeses or raw milk cheeses, delicatessen products, smoked fish, raw or cooked pork meats such as rillettes. Also, surimi, taramas, raw shellfish are not recommended.

As for toxoplasmosis, it is transmitted by a parasite present in meat (especially mutton, horse and pork). Toxoplasmosis can have irreversible consequences such as brain malformations and eye damage to the fetus.

Summary of foods to avoid

During pregnancy, it is essential to pay close attention to diet because certain ingredients or the way food is prepared or cooked can have consequences for both the mother and her baby.

1. Food

Do not eat too spicy or too rich in fat, but vary the flavors and aromas to accustom the baby to different tastes.

Remain moderate in the consumption of cakes and candies or chocolates.

Do not eat raw meat.

The same goes for smoked fish and raw milk cheeses, which should be avoided if possible.

Delicatessen products should also be avoided.

2. Drink

Also, when the mother-to-be drinks, the baby drinks: that’s why it’s highly recommended not to touch a single drop of alcohol while you are pregnant. To avoid being tempted, cut out alcohol from your meal altogether.

Note that moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of prematurity and low birth weight.

As for other beverages, it is better not to abuse coffee during pregnancy: it seems that too much consumption is correlated with the risk of spontaneous abortion or low birth weight. It is best to avoid tap water, as the nitrate level is too high. Fresh fruit juices provide water and vitamin C. However, they are high in sugar. However, they are rich in sugar, so consume them in moderation. Sodas are not recommended because they are too high in sugar and contain little fruit.