Nickel Allergy Natural Remedies

remèdes de grand-mère allergie au nickel

Grandma’s remedies for allergic reactions to nickel, contact eczema.

Nickel is a silvery-white metal often used in many industrial and cosmetic products, coins, batteries, jewelry chains, rings, bracelets, earrings and spectacle frames … Repeated exposure to objects containing nickel, can cause allergic symptoms, also called allergic contact dermatitis, causing red patches that are sometimes swollen and itchy.

It is all the more frequent when the skin is damaged. Fans of pierced ears, “piercing” of all kinds and people who sweat a lot are more affected than others. Other groups at risk: metal workers, restaurant staff and hairdressers.

Symptoms of nickel allergy

Nickel allergy can occur within 12 to 24 hours after exposure, if you are prone to nickel allergy. Dermatitis lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks. Symptoms of nickel allergy develop where your skin has come in contact with metal objects containing nickel. They are manifested by:

  • Small blisters on the surface of the skin (usually the shape of the object in contact)
  • The skin turns red
  • A spotty rash
  • Appearance of small blisters filled with fluid
  • Dark coloring of the skin
  • Itching

Nickel allergy tests

A test patch is usually used to check for a nickel allergy by your allergist. When the diagnosis of allergy to nickel is confirmed thanks to a “patch test”, it is in the best interest to beware of anything metallic.

If in doubt about the type of metal, the best way is still to test the suspicious object before putting it in contact with their skin. You just need to get a test sold in pharmacies (nickel “spot-test”), effective and very easy to use. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using a cotton ball soaked in a special product, the object in question is rubbed. If the cotton comes out pink, it is because it contains nickel. This type of test is a very useful prevention tool for people with allergies.

Finally, be aware that metal allergens can cause cross allergies. Thus, it is quite common to be also allergic to chromium when one cannot stand nickel.

nickel allergy remedies
Contact with costume jewelry can cause skin irritation on the contact areas.

Preventing Nickel Allergies

  • Of course, avoid prolonged exposure to objects containing nickel (necklace, earrings, fancy bracelets, belt buckle, bra clips, etc.)
  • Wear nickel-free jewelry, or wear surgical steel jewelry (we find more and more)
  • Use plastic zippers to close your clothes.
  • Wear plastic rather than metal eyeglass frames.
  • TRICK : Use transparent nail polish to insulate from nickel contact (ideal for earrings, jeans buttons, belts, bracelets …), unless you are also allergic to nail polish, everything should stop like by magic !

Natural remedies to calm allergic reactions to nickel

Sandalwood and rose water

If the rash appears on the skin surface after suspected nickel contact, apply a paste made from sandalwood and rosewater.

Aloe vera gel

To calm inflammation and itching nickel allergies, apply aloe vera gel, cut an aloe leaf and apply the fresh gel on the blisters or blisters caused by allergic dermatitis on the affected area. Aloe has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and helps proclaim itchy skin. (You will also find 97% pure and organic aloe gel in natural health food stores).

Almond leaves

Take a few leaves ofalmond and mash them until they get a soft consistency. Apply on the affected area. This paste relieves allergic skin symptoms quickly.

There is no permanent cure for nickel allergy; Symptomatic relief can be obtained with antihistamines prescribed by your doctor. The best way is still to prevent your skin from exposure to nickel.