Natural remedies for chiggers bites

piqures aoutats remedes naturels

Chiggers are small red mites, they are found in parks, rivers, forests, lakes, all places with grass and wet places. It is very difficult to see the insect with the naked eye. Here’s how to relieve stinging skin irritation and sting pain.

You could be outside for a walk in the park with your kids. Or maybe enjoy an afternoon on the soccer field. This outdoor fun, however, sometimes comes at a price – an itchy, itchy rash that’s caused by pests you can’t even see.

This is called aoutats, insects so small that you need a magnifying glass to spot them. They are not dangerous, but their sting can leave you with a strong urge to scratch. Don’t let them get the upper hand! Learn how to soothe skin irritation with simple tips or a remedy, and find out how prevent bites the next time you go out.

What are aoutats and where are they hiding?

Trombicula autumnalisScientists call these creatures ” trombiculate mites “(Trombiculidae). But they have plenty of nicknames. You could hear people calling them harvest mites, harvest bugs, harvest lice, mower mites Where red push pins. Technically, these creatures are not insects. They are “arachnids”, from the same family as spiders and ticks.

When in contact with you, they can stay attached for several days as long as they are feeding. Chickweed bites can occur anywhere where on your body, but they often appear in clusters around the waist or at the bottom of the legs. You might not notice anything wrong at first, but over the next few hours you will start to itch.

These usually last several days and can sometimes prevent you from sleeping at night. You may also notice skin redness with swelling, from bulbs or a rash that may take a week or two to heal.

If you are a man and you have a bite in your groin, you might be suffering from a condition known as ” summer penis syndrome“. Ellel because of swelling, from itching and some difficulty urinating. It can last from a few days to a few weeks.

Augustats do not spread disease. Your biggest health concern is that too many bites can cause more irritation or a skin infection.

Aoutats: All the tips of grandmother to get rid of it and soothe the irritation and the pain

1. Take a hot bath to remove them

hot bath against chigger bites

Bathing in hot water helps get rid of chiggers hanging on the skin. For this you need to apply soap to the body to form a good amount of foam and take a bath with warm water. Repeat this several times in a day. Augustat should not resist.

In hot water, wash your clothes and any blankets or towels that have touched the ground to kill any insects that still cling to them.

2. Baking soda to soothe the chigger bite

Baking soda helps reduce itching and other problems caused by all types of insect bites (also mosquito bites). After your bath, mix the baking soda with very little water. Apply the mixture to the areas affected by the bite. Let dry before rinsing.

3. Use calamine lotion

make natural calamine lotion

To calm and treat rashes or hives on the skin due to a bite of chiggers, the benefits of calamine lotion are no longer to be bragged about. Apply calamine lotion to areas affected by insect bites (chiggers, bees, mosquito bites), and rub gently. It will soothe the skin quickly. (See homemade calamine lotion recipe ici).

4. Ice cubes to reduce swelling

ice cube against aoutat bite

Ice can be used to reduceswelling from a sting. Cover ice cubes with a piece of cloth. Apply the cold compress to the swollen area. After that, place the affected body part at a high height.This will bring relief from the symptoms.

5. Vicks© drug

vicks against chub bite

The Vicks VapoRub© can help reduce the urge to scratch. Mix it with table salt to amplify its action. Apply the mixture to the areas affected by the bite (also works for a mosquito bite). Repeat the mixture several times for the best results.

What if after two weeks the irritation is still there?

Chickweed bites should improve quickly with these remedies. But if you are still bothered by yours after a few days, see your doctor, it may be a sign of an allergy following the bite. In rare cases, you may need to steroid shots to calm the itching and swelling. Your doctor may also ask you to take antibiotics if your bites are infected.

How to prevent chickweed bites?

When spending time outdoors in grassy areas, wear clothes treated with an insecticide like Permethrin, you can also put a few drops of lavender essential oil on any parts of your clothes that are in contact with them. wet grasses. Don’t forget the cuffs, neckline and top edges of the socks.

Some studies show that natural sprays can help keep chickweed away. Try those that contain lemongrass, tea tree, jojoba, geranium, or lavender oils.