Natural Remedies For Acidic Saliva

acidité de la salive astuces

Salivary acidity: How to balance the pH of saliva? Don’t worry because there are several remedies to control salivary acidity. and how to regulate the acidity of your saliva.

The saliva that our body produces is either acidic, alkaline, or neutral in its pH balance. If your saliva is too acidic, you may experience problems such as tooth decay, excess tartar, dry mouth and bad breath. However, it is possible to bring the pH balance in the mouth back to a normal level and you can do this naturally.

Testing the pH balance of saliva

To find out how acidic your saliva is, you can test the pH balance of the mouth with a pH strip, available over the counter at any drugstore. The strip will indicate the acidity level of your saliva on a digital scale. If your pH level is below 7.0, your saliva is considered acidic.

Eating foods high in alkaline may help reduce acidic saliva

The foods you eat play a big important role in the acidity of saliva. Meats, eggs, fish, and some dairy products are very acidic and can affect your pH balance. Reduce the amount of these foods and increase your intake of alkaline foods like berries, fruits and vegetables. Almonds are also alkaline and eating a little (6-10) of them every day can lower your acid levels if they are not seriously high.

Natural mineral supplement

Minerals like calcium and the magnesium play an important role in maintaining a healthy pH level. Talk to your doctor to adjust the supplementation of these minerals to suit your needs.

Increase your intake of foods and juices that contain potassium

the potassium is another essential component in maintaining a healthy pH balance. Tomatoes, potatoes and bananas are high in potassium.

Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar

If your saliva is acidic, consuming excessive amounts of sugar further aggravates the condition. Also replace soft drinks and coffee with water.

How to prevent acidic saliva

If you think you have acidic saliva and it may be the cause of erosion of your teeth, bad breath or frequent cavities, then we suggest you go to your dentist.

The specialist may administer the test to identify the acidity level of the saliva, as well as perform a control of the entire oral cavity.

Regular visits to the doctor are the first method of preventing and treating pathologies in your mouth.

Another useful prevention tool is certainly the good daily oral care : devote oneself to mouth cleaning is essential because the health of the smile is also that of the body.

It is very important to brush your teeth regularly between meals and with a toothbrush and toothpaste, but it is equally essential not to neglect even the cleaning of the tongue which can be done daily using a tongue cleanser, which acts on the surface of the tongue helping to reduce the effects also halitosis.