How To Cure A Flu ?

how To Cure A Flu
how To Cure A Flu

How to cure the flu naturally?

This time, that’s it, the winter season is here with its share of viruses! These constant temperature changes between indoors and outdoors have been right to our health, supermarkets, the metro, schools generously share their miasma with us… And here we are! So quickly, let’s get out of our cupboards the natural remedies of grandmothers to relieve discomfort and some daily practices to minimize the risk of infection …

The main signs of the flu are muscle aches, of the fever, from colds, from sore throat and one general feeling of fatigue, often accompanied by cough and headache.

In any case, if at least two of these symptoms occur at the same time, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Also to be contacted in the event of feverish attacks of particular importance.

The alternatives recommended in case of influenza can be varied, from infusions to fumigations to a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Let’s see how to deal with this seasonal disease symptom by symptom through nature.

remedy cold extremities

Advice and natural treatments against the cold

One of the most obvious signs of the onset of the flu is without a doubt the cold and nasal congestion in general. Having a stuffy nose is one of the major drawbacks, capable of making the working day even more difficult. Frequent inhalations and hand washing are undoubtedly useful in this case.


Inhalations are a very effective natural remedy for colds, so let’s see how you can use them.

  • It will be necessary to boil a little more than a liter of water, as soon as the first bubbles appear, turn off the heat (do not cause a “violent” boiling),
  • The water should then be poured into a suitable container to position under the face.
  • Now pour 2 drops of thyme and / or eucalyptus essential oils (no more), placing your face over the container and covering your head with a clean towel or cloth, to maximize the healing effects.

It is possible to replace essential oils with vinegar, being careful that it can cause a “pinch” sometimes very annoying for the nose.

Herbal teas

For herbal teas, too, thyme and eucalyptus will be useful again, with 2-3 grams of dried leaves to be steeped for about 10 minutes in a bowl of boiling water. It is also possible to insert a few mint leaves, to emphasize the beneficial effects of the infusion.

get rid of muscle tension naturally

Advice against muscle pain and fatigue

Against muscle pain and fatigue, in addition to vitamin C, ginger is an excellent ally, indicated for the treatment of both symptoms. This plant is a natural energizer, able to restart the body after the fatigue induced by the flu, while counteracting any loss of appetite induced by the disease. It has properties antispasmodics for muscle disease as well as some properties anti-inflammatory and contains a good number of antioxidants.

Energizing action also guaranteed by honey, which can be useful as remedy for sore throats and generally flu-like problems. Among the different types in circulation, the most suitable is eucalyptus or thyme honey. You can take it mixed with lemon juice to soothe sore throats.

Helpful against muscle pain are elderberry herbal teas, dipping 4 tablespoons of flowers in a liter of boiling water. After 15 minutes, filter the herbal tea, which will then be ready to drink. To repeat morning and evening to increase its effectiveness.

Devil’s claw and white willow (also useful for headaches), both available in herbal medicine, are also useful for muscle pain.

Natural remedies for a cold

Recommended foods to prevent colds and flu

This honey will be very useful not only against fatigue, but also against all manifestations of influenza and respiratory tract. Especially if it is combined with garlic, the clove of which will be crushed in hot milk where you add a teaspoon or two of honey, this remedy will provide natural help to disinfect the nasal passages and throat, reducing l ‘inflammation.

When preparing this remedy, remember to add garlic and honey only when the milk, previously heated, has reached temperatures suitable for consumption. Inserting honey and garlic into the liquid while it is still too hot can reduce or even inactivate its beneficial properties.

Finally, the diet should include large amounts of fruits and vegetables, eaten fresh or, in the latter case, steamed. This will help maintain its healing properties and ensure a high level of health protection.

Cats don't like eucalyptus.  This is perfect for limiting certain prohibited areas.

A natural “vaccine” against influenza

thanks to Anne B. for his “homemade” flu vaccine (sent via Facebook): my flu vaccine mixture and winter colds: HE ravintsara and eucalyptus radiata: on the wrist once a day, and never sick !!!

Lemon remedy for the flu …

This remedy consists of eating a lemon (peeled) that has been salted beforehand. Avoid going out after taking this medication, because it makes you sweat a lot, it is also a good way, which my mother used for us lower fever, my brothers and me.

Honey and ginger, an explosive cocktail to treat the flu …

For this recipe, mix 1 tsp. tablespoon ginger (grated or powdered) in 180 ml of water and 1 tsp. of honey. this cocktail is effective in killing germs and overcoming the flu. To be carried out several times during the day, until the disappearance of symptoms.

The anti-flu elderberry!

For this healing recipe, steep 3 or 4 pinches of elderflower in a cup of boiling water and enjoy (you can sweeten with honey for added effect).

Elderberry is ideal for fighting the flu : it is anti-inflammatory, antiviral. he would also help reduce mucus production. This is why it is frequently used to treat the flu and inflammation of the airways. Studies have shown that elderberry in syrup form decreases the duration and severity of influenza (flu) by 50 to 60% if taken within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.