Can Epilepsy Be Treated Naturally?


Epilepsy, an old disease …

Before certain battles, Caesar issued his orders with unusual haste. A few minutes later, he collapsed to the ground in the throes of a seizure. And as he drooled and convulsed, the fighting began to rage. Other great characters in history have also suffered from epilepsy. Epilepsy has its letters of nobility and has inspired great minds. Let us think only of Dostoïeswski. The latter did not hesitate to assert that it was worth enduring the torments of epilepsy to experience the astonishing spiritual revelations that they initiated in him.

Epilepsy is not a mental illness!

Today we know it, but it was not always the case, apart from the crises, the person is generally quite normal. Everything seems to indicate that the epileptic seizure boils down to a temporary physiological disorder, just like a simple fainting.

Process of a crisis …

During an epileptic seizure, an excessive electrical charge passes along the nervous circuits. The load is such that the person falls unconscious, shaking with seizures. Her movements are very chaotic and you must therefore take all precautions so that she does not get injured.

The rolled-up eyes and foaming salivation lend a very dramatic character to the seizure. It is not for nothing that we once saw in it a kind of demonic possession. In fact, epilepsy is still poorly explained in 60% of cases where medicine cannot detect any abnormalities in the brain.

Naturally reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures

Medicines commonly given to epileptics are effective enough to prevent and control seizures in fact, 60 to 70% of drug treatments work. The fact remains that epileptics often live in fear that a new crisis will overwhelm them, or less. This permanent fear creates a psychological ground which can intensify disproportionately the slightest stress. However, stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures. Is it not, moreover, significant that Julius Caesar had crises before the battles?

To avoid crises, it is therefore very important to find ways to eliminate anxiety and stress in epilepsy. And that goes for both adults and children. The epileptic should therefore try as much as possible to create an anti-stress lifestyle. he will also be interested in practicing a method of relaxation. Usually there is very little emphasis on relaxation techniques and this is unfortunate. In addition to constituting a remarkable preventive method, these techniques make it possible to reduce the intensity of seizures and help to recover better.

Valerian, the anti-stress plant …

The valerian is highly recommended because of its calming action on the nervous system in general:

  • Macerate for 12 hours, 100g of roots in 1 liter of lukewarm water.
  • Filter and take 3 cups a day between meals.

As this method of preparation is tedious, you can get the extract at a pharmacy. The root powder is given in the form of tablets at a rate of 2 to 10 g per day. Ask your doctor for advice.

Epilepsy and diet …

In addition to these anti-stress measures, the epileptic should adopt a natural and semi-vegetarian diet. free of chemical additives. The food aspect should not be neglected. Especially when epilepsy is related to allergic reactions. In the treatment of epilepsy, it is also important to ensure that the kidneys are functioning regularly. (See on this page a natural cure to cleanse the kidneys)

Ancient remedies recommended that epileptics drink large quantities of milk and swallow oak mistletoe powder.

Preventive measures…

Learn to spot the warning signs of a crisis. In some, these signs appear a few minutes before the attack. In others, they sometimes present even several hours before.

These signs consist of various ailments and physical tensions. The epileptic may also note curious perceptions: distorted vision, hearing of strange sounds, feeling of déjà vu etc. If you can learn to recognize these signs, you will have time to move away from anything that could hurt you. Or, you can stop the activity that could put your life in danger.

As a preventive measure, you can also apply cold compresses on the head when you feel that “it is heating up” more than usual. In the case of a child, it is important to make him aware of these pre-manifestations by asking him questions and forcing him to remember what happened before the seizure.