13 natural remedies for beautiful hands

13 soins naturels pour les mains

Your hands are subjected to environmental stressors every day. The skin on your hands is also almost as sensitive as the skin on our face. For these reasons, it is especially important to exercise greater caution. Read on to find the best hand remedies you can whip up in seconds.

Since our hands are used to doing most household chores, they need to be pampered and relaxed to look beautiful and smooth! There are several safe ways here to find those beautiful hands. We bring you the best beauty tips for hands, which you can easily follow at home.

1. Natural “homemade” hand masks

Do you do a lot of gardening or is your activity harming the health and beauty of your hands? Several solutions, first of all, here is a natural hand mask recipe, which will help them regain the suppleness of their skin and heal micro-abrasions and scratches.

Olive oil and lemon (a basic):

  • Mix 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp. tablespoons of virgin olive oil (1st pressing)
  • Add 1 tsp. of lemon juice (organic) and 1 tsp. liquid honey
  • Apply this potion as a mask on the hands, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with cold water
  • Apply this remedy once or twice a week

tips for having beautiful hands

Banana puree for hand mask:

  • Mash with 2 fresh, ripe bananas, mix with a little soft butter
  • Coat your hands with this remedy, leaving it to act for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry
  • Repeat the operation for several days in a row. Your hands will become less dry, softer and more flexible.

Home decoction against red hands: The problem of red hands often occurs when there is poor blood circulation, however it is possible to treat locally with this eucalyptus hand bath (Eucalyptus globulus) and elderberry (Sanbucus nigra).

  • Throw 1 handful of dried eucalyptus leaves and 1 handful of elderberry leaves in 1 liter of cold spring water
  • Boil for 30 minutes, let infuse 10 minutes off the heat (covered). Filter
  • Pour the resulting liquid into a basin, let cool
  • Immerse your hands for 10 or 15 minutes. Thoroughly dry your hands (repeat the operation twice a week if necessary).

2. Remedies for brown spots on hands

  • Massage your hands with a few drops of squeezed lemon juice (untreated). This will reduce the appearance of dark spots on the hands.

Parsley is also a powerful “eraser” of brown spots: An infusion of parsley in compresses on the hands, is also an effective remedy against age spots.

  • Boil a few sprigs of parsley in spring water
  • Let infuse 10 minutes
  • Apply in lukewarm compresses on the hands
  • Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a week

3. “Homemade” massage oil for the hands

Lemon, rose water and glycerin for a 100% natural hand massage oil, to make yourself. Ideal if your hands tend to get rough, dry or if they are damaged by gardening work.

  • Squeeze 3 lemons, mix them with 10 ml. of glycerin and 300 ml. rose water (to buy in pharmacies, organic shops or better, follow this recipe for rose water)
  • Filter. Collect the liquid in 1 hermetically resealable bottle (label)
  • Massage your hands every night, taking care to penetrate the mixture well

4. Cream recipes for white and soft hands

This natural hand cream is ideal for maintaining the whiteness and softness of your hands. Very nourishing, it is a real benefit for the hands.

  1. Bring 40 cl of whole milk to the boil, remove the pan from the heat
  2. Let infuse 1 handful of violet leaves for about 3 minutes
  3. Once the “cream” has cooled, add 10 drops of violet essence. Put it in a jar, label it and store it in the refrigerator

“Homemade” whitening cream for the hands:

The best is also to put 1/2 liter of milk, Dove soap and rose water mixed, to boil while mixing (a little patience) in a saucepan, as soon as all this is liquid put -it in the refrigerator, it will make a cream and putkeep it on your hands (or on all the places of your body that you want to whiten), it is exceptional, keep this cream in the refrigerator all the time after your applications (maximum 1 month).

5. Magic potions against chapped hands

A natural remedy for chapped hands is to apply a poultice of fresh comfrey root (Symphytum officinale) crushed. (Read also: The best natural solutions to treat chapped hands and to rehydrate them quickly).

  • Apply the lukewarm cataplasm of consoud roots directly to your parched and chapped hands
  • Repeat the operation for several days in a row

During the winter, if you have chapped hands, make them a carrot poultice

  • Make a poultice composed of 150 g of raw and grated carrots wrapped in a fine gauze
  • Apply on the affected parts and leave on for about fifteen minutes

You can also make a raw potato poultice:

  • Grate 1 raw potato, soak it with 1 tsp. 1 teaspoon of virgin olive oil
  • Apply this “paste” as a poultice on the chapped skin

Natural oil recipe for dry and rough hands: Make this oil that will soften rough skin. Also recommended for chapped skin, cracks and frostbite on the hands.

  • Macerate for a fortnight, 150 g of marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis) in 50 cl of first pressing virgin olive oil.
  • Massage your hands with this lotion, once a day for 1 week as an attack treatment, then once a week

Make 2 natural plasters to treat cracked hands

  1. Make a plaster with strawberry pulp on frostbite (to be renewed several times a day)
  2. Crush raw potatoes, collect the juice, apply the liquid directly to the frostbite

6. Remedies to strengthen the nails

Having beautiful hands is good, but if in addition the nails are impeccable it is even better! Here are three simple remedies to strengthen the nails and keep them healthy.

  1. Soak your nails in 1 bowl of lukewarm olive oil for 15 minutes
  2. Are your nails brittle? Soak your nails for 10 minutes in a mixture of olive oil and lemon every day for 1 week
  3. Rub your nails with half a lemon, this hardens and whitens the nails with two birds with one stone.

7. Tips for washing “dirty” hands without detergent

  1. Wash your hands with a decoction of 50 g of nettle roots (Urtica dioïca) boiled for 10 minutes in 1 liter of white wine to which we have added 1 glass of wine vinegar
  2. You can also mix some very fine powdered clay with liquid soap and rub your hands with this cleansing mixture.