What Are the Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot?

| What Are the Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot? | green natural supplement What are the health benefits of walking barefoot1

Walking barefoot in nature, starting in the spring, when the ground begins to warm up, is a simple practice to implement and beneficial for your health. A 100% natural practice, “free” and unlimited! Let’s discover the many benefits of this practice.

An immediate well-being

Generally speaking, walking barefoot, whatever the ground (sand, grass, earth, stream, lake, seashore…) brings an immediate feeling of well-being, that each of us has felt at least once in his life.

The ideal is to take at least 5 minutes daily, in a garden, in a park or on any other natural ground. The best is to walk in the morning dew. If this is not possible, then take advantage of it during the vacations!

An antioxidant practice

As we all know, our modern life makes us run after time and brings us stress, pollution, electromagnetic radiation, junk food… which leads to oxidative stress.

To summarize oxidative stress, it is an excess of free radicals that our body can no longer cope with leading to premature aging of cells, body tissues … These free radicals have a positive charge … And the earth contains negative ions

You don’t need to have done great studies to understand !!! The reconnection to the earth by a direct contact (bare feet, hands on the ground while gardening for example) will allow a phenomenon of “negativation“.

Free radicals will attract electrons (negative ions) from the earth, which will reduce organic oxidation and thus improve pathologies linked to or accentuated by oxidative stress.

Other benefits of walking barefoot

| What Are the Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot? | green natural supplement What are the health benefits of walking barefoot2

This negative ion recharge will also improve :

  • Improves blood circulation (blood fluidity, blood pressure)
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Balances the biological rhythm
  • Reduces inflammatory disorders
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Increases energy in general

Foot reflexology

Under the feet, there are areas connected to different organs by means of nerve endings. By stimulating these areas with the hands, we strengthen, unblock or harmonize the corresponding organs. This is called foot reflexology.

By walking barefoot, all the reflex zones located under the arch of the foot are stimulated. It is a real boost for the organs, the circulation of water, blood and energy.

So as soon as the opportunity arises… don’t hesitate to take off your shoes and socks…