Why Do my Legs Feel Heavy ?

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Many people are affected by venous circulation disturbances, especially women. There are a number of external gels and natural remedies for heavy legs. But for what real effectiveness? Which ones to choose according to the problem? Which use?

Supplements effective for the circulation?

Food supplements and creams significantly improve certain symptoms of circulatory insufficiency:

  • reduction of the feeling of heavy legs
  • reduction of swelling
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • maintenance of the health of the veins and capillaries

Also, certain consequences of heavy legs can be improved: cold feet, tingling, cramps… This is not systematic and is obviously only valid in cases where the blood circulation is involved.

Of course, it is fundamental to target the most adapted plants to get results. It depends on the symptoms and causes that generate the discomfort of the legs.

On the other hand, one should not expect to treat varicose veins, phlebitis or varicose ulcers, which are the responsibility of conventional medicine. Nevertheless, in these cases, plants can help comfort and limit aggravations or relapses.

Every cause has its solution

To improve heavy legs as effectively as possible, the causes of the discomfort must be targeted. Venous circulation is always to be taken into account, but other factors can intervene:

  • lymphatic circulation
  • hormonal system
  • capillary fragility
  • water retention

Also, better results are obtained by associating a food supplement with an external lotion (cream, gel, oils…).

Venous circulation only

If it is only the venous circulation that is in question, you have

  • heavy, slightly swollen legs
  • and possibly some of these symptoms: varicose veins, visible veins, tingling, hemorrhoids and difficulty standing.

By aromatherapy supplements

In this case, it is necessary to privilege plants which tone up the veins: hamamelis, cypress, fragon (small holly), melilot, red vine, horse chestnut. And to a lesser extent: ginkgo, centella, chrysanthellum and bilberry.

The ideal is to take complexes that mix the different plants.

By massage

In cutaneous application, we find the plants mentioned above, in various preparations. Nettle-silica gel contains some of them + silica, which is very interesting in this context.

Also, a certain number of essential oils are venous tonics: cypress, cedar, juniper, rose geranium, tansy. Others are to be added, because they are blood tonics, thus promoting the decongestion of the legs: myrtle, niaouli, rosemary camphor, tea tree, tropical basil, pistachio lentisque.
You can mix these oils at 10% with a vegetable oil (macadamia or hazelnut).

Venous and lymphatic circulation

The lymphatic system, like the blood system, is part of the circulatory system. If it is involved, then you have:

  • heavy, swollen legs
  • edema of the leg, “puffy” tissue
  • and eventually: cellulite

By phytotherapy supplements

In this case, it will be necessary to use plants which have a mixed action on the venous and lymphatic system: grape seeds, witch hazel, fragon (small holly), cypress, centella, melilot, dong qai.
And to a lesser extent: ginkgo, red vine, horse chestnut.
Some plants act on the lymphatic system but not the venous system: bedstraw, quercetin, green tea, bromelain, lemon. This is also the case for enzymes.

By massage

The essential oils tonic of the lymphatic system are: cypress, juniper, rose geranium, pistachio lentisque, myrtle. To a lesser extent: niaouli, palmarosa, pine, tea tree, cedar, tropical basil.
You can mix these oils at 10% with a vegetable oil (macadamia, hazelnut or calophylla).

Venous circulation and hormones

Women know that hormones have a great influence on venous and lymphatic circulation. Certain periods are particularly delicate: pre-menstrual periods, pregnancy and menopause. This phenomenon is explained by a relative lack of progesterone. Many women are in this situation, and circulatory problems can occur permanently if this relative deficiency is well established. This would even be the main reason why women are three times more affected than men by these venous problems.

The symptoms of heavy legs are accompanied by

  • feeling of being swollen
  • weight gain
  • abdominal heaviness

They are improved when the period arrives.

In this case, you should consider taking plants to support feminine comfort: dong qai (Chinese angelica) or alchemilla. They are to be added to the plants for venous and lymphatic circulation discussed above. Pregnant women should absolutely not take these plants.

For massage they will be the same as venous and lymphatic circulation.

Venous circulation and capillary fragility

The symptoms of capillary fragility are:

  • bruises at the slightest shock
  • couperose
  • small colored vessels, blood spots of the ochre dermatitis type.
  • cold or hot extremities, Raynaud’s syndrome.

By phytotherapy supplements

Here it is interesting to strengthen the capillaries with nutrients and plants that also promote venous circulation: extracts of grape seed, bilberry, centella, chrysantellum, ginkgo, mistletoe, witch hazel, fragon, pycnogenol, horse chestnut, cypress, quercetin.

By massage

The essential oils that tonify the capillary system are: lemon, helichrysum, cistus, cypress, geranium bourbon, matricaria or German chamomile, carrot, lavender, rosemary verbenone, tansy.
You can mix these oils at 10% with a vegetable oil (macadamia, hazelnut or calophylla).

Venous circulation and water retention

Finally, it is possible to suffer from heavy legs and venous congestion associated with water retention problems. This is mainly manifested by an edema of the ankles which can go up towards the knee if it is important.

By phytotherapy supplements

Some plants can help to lose water by also reinforcing venous circulation: shepherd’s purse and bedstraw.
Other plants are known for their role in eliminating water, without affecting the veins: horsetail, meadowsweet and blackcurrant for example.

By external care

Essential oils that promote local water circulation are: juniper, cedar, cypress, geranium, mandarin zest, grapefruit. Always mix at 10% in a vegetable oil.

How to use these remedies ?

How long will it take?

These different recommendations can be applied for 3 months in a row, especially during the summer.

If you need to take circulation products constantly, we recommend that you use them only every other month. And vary the products.
For the other month, take antioxidants that have an impact on circulation. Again, vary the products from month to month.

In all cases (need for punctual or regular reinforcement), twice a year, take a one month cure to clean the liver. Yes, 80% of the venous circulation of the legs passes through it!

For whom?

Some people must be careful with the supplements used (read the precautions carefully):

  • those taking medication (anticoagulants in particular)
  • women with a personal or family history of hormone-dependent cancer
  • Pregnant women: you have a category dedicated to safe products to use for heavy legs during pregnancy.