Treat Bruxism Naturally

Soigner naturellement le bruxisme

Bruxism or teeth grinding, how to get rid of it naturally and avoid complications?

It is important to treat quickly the disorder that is bruxism, namely the action of grinding the lower teeth against the upper ones. This pathology is often linked to stress, but not only, some even claim that this way of reacting to stress or anger is a primary instinct. Although stress is largely responsible for bruxism, other factors come into play.

Left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to complications such as tooth wear, cause neuralgia, sleep disorders, earache, pain in the neck and back and a whole series of symptoms, including temporomandibular joint syndrome.

In a 2005 study, 38% of parents reported that their children had problems grinding their teeth while sleeping. What’s more, it’s not just children who have this problem, studies show that almost 8% of adults grind their teeth.

Five tips to stop grinding your teeth

1. Teeth at rest …

During the day, keep your mouth “at rest”. Teeth should only touch each other when you chew or swallow food. If you are careful not to let your upper and lower teeth touch each other, you’ll want to grind your teeth less. Use all possible means to remember it during the day, memory aid on the refrigerator, or in strategic places, for example you can write ” top and bottom teeth do not touch“.

2. In case of nocturnal bruxism

If you have nocturnal bruxism, bite an apple before bedtime, it will calm theoveractive jaw and will allow relax your muscles before bed. You can replace the apple with raw cauliflower, such as a raw carrot.

3. Application of heat

Apply heat to the jaw… Rinse a washcloth with hot water, wring it out, fold it in half, then apply it to one side of the face. Repeat this operation as often as possible, in fact, this very simple treatment relaxes the jaw muscles and, consequently, alleviates headaches caused by bruxism.

4. Use of a mouth guard

For nocturnal bruxism try the mouth guard. You can find an inexpensive mouthguard at a sports store. Immerse it in hot water first, then fix it in the mouth. Bite it several times so that it fits well. You will find adjustable mouth guards (see below). If you experience any positive effects, ask your dentist to make you a custom one, it will be even more effective.

– Since bruxism is strongly linked to stress, try these natural anti-stress remedies

5. Herbs that are effective in treating bruxism

Valerian root and chamomile are two herbs that have been shown to improve the quality of sleep without side effects.

Valerian root is used to help improve the restless legs syndrome. Chamomile tea is excellent to help relax nerves and muscles for deep, quality sleep. So it makes sense to use a combination of these herbs to help relax and reduce teeth grinding.