Natural Solutions For Kidney stones

Reduire les calculs rénaux

Kidney stones or renal colic are exactly to the kidneys what hepatic colic is to the liver. Like the latter, they occur under the influence of stones which, too large, cause terrible attacks when they try to descend from the kidneys into the bladder.

Usually the pain is only on one side, and it is excruciatingly excruciating. The access lasts a few hours and even a day and stops abruptly, which indicates that the stone is finally in the bladder. It is therefore to be expected to appear in the urine.

To promote spontaneous stone loss, you need to exercise and drink a lot.

NOTE: Frequent consumption of meat, especially offal, excessive consumption of coffee, black tea and dairy products increase the risk of kidney stones forming and, as a result, colic. It is best to discuss nutritional recommendations directly with your doctor or a nutritionist.

kidney stones hell pains

Relieve renal colic with Haarlem oil

You have certainly not heard of this little-known remedy, which however was used during the 1st World War (Specify genuine Haarlem oil – Thomas license).

  • Take 1 capsule morning and evening.
  • Haarlem oil is renowned for its benefits on the urinary and digestive system (ask your doctor for advice).

Adverse effects to know: Mainly composed of sulfur, it causes malodorous gases and by its content in essential oil of turpentine it can cause some referrals. Better to warn those around you 😉

Cures to cleanse the kidneys

Fennel root cure

Take a short course of one week, of fennel root from time to time, strongly diuretic, the fennel will help to effectively eliminate all the impurities and waste that the kidneys will have accumulated.

  • Pour 25 g of fennel roots in 1 liter of cold water in an enamelled saucepan and keep boiling for 2 minutes.
  • Let infuse for 10 minutes, covered,
  • filter and drink 3 cups a day of this decoction. Keep cool.

Goldenrod cure (Solidago canadensis and Solidago virgaurea)

Another equally effective cure, to be carried out 10 days, 2 times a year to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Take advantage of the health benefits of goldenrod.

  • Throw in 3 tbsp. tablespoons of flowering goldenrod tops in 1 liter of cold water and keep boiling for 2 minutes.
  • Let infuse for 10 minutes, covered,
  • filter and drink 3 cups a day of this decoction. Keep cool.

Natural remedies for renal colic (for oxalic stones only)

  • Macerate the crushed juniper berries (2 tablespoons) in 75 cl of organic white wine for 15 days.
  • To drink in case of crisis only when the peak has passed.
  • Drink 1 to 2 glasses per day.

Anti gravel remedies

  • Drink infusions of meadowsweet, cherry tails, blackcurrant leaves, beef steak.
  • Drink white wine in which crushed juniper berries have been macerated for 8 days.