Natural remedies to relieve a sprain

Remèdes naturels pour soigner une entorse.

A sprain is an injury to a joint caused by sudden distension (false movement, fall, etc.), the ligaments undergo sudden and abnormal distension. The sprain is very painful, but there is no displacement or tearing of tissue.

A sprained ankle is a small trauma that usually occurs in daily activities. It is characterized by any twisting of the ankle joint, can lead to trauma to the ligament whose function is to connect the ankle bones together. This problem can easily occur when a greater tensile force affects the ligaments in the ankle or when you suddenly twist your foot.

You may experience its signs and symptoms like increasing pain when you move, bruising, swelling or restricted movement. Normally, you don’t need to see the doctor because a sprained ankle may go away after a few weeks.

But in some situations like severe and uncontrolled pain, numbness in feet or toes or loss of feeling, inability to walk, swelling leads to ankle deformity. In addition, there are many effective home remedies to help treat ankle sprains.

Sprain, try these 2 emergency remedies first

Ice cubes

If you twist your ankle or wrist, wrap ice cubes in a towel or tea towel (you can also take a bag of small weights or beans from the freezer) and apply to the painful joint. Keep it until the pain is numbed from the cold (and you can no longer bear it). If you do not immediately regain your mobility, a medical consultation is required.

Cold water baths

Cold water baths, just after a strain or sprained ankle, preventing swelling from forming.

These are the most effective home remedies for ankle sprains you should not forget. This helps to decrease the pain, reduce the inflammation and also the swelling, speeding up the healing process. Ice can stop bleeding from ligament injury while compression reduces pain and prevents the risk of further injury. Rest and elevate the affected ankle to give it time to heal and reduce swelling and bruising.

How to apply this approach?

  1. Restrict movement using the affected ankle, the use of crutches may be helpful.
  2. Apply ice for the first 2-3 days after the trauma or until the swelling goes away, cover a few ice cubes with a soft towel then place it on the ankle, leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Repeat twice a day for a few weeks. Remember not to apply the ice directly to the skin.
  3. Wrap the elastic bandage for the first 24 to 36 hours (after an ice compress is best). By rolling it from the body of the foot to a few inches above the ankle. Apply regular force because any pressure too tight leads to preventing blood flow, then numbness appear, making the pain worse, swelling under the bandage. Continue to wear the bandage every day until the swelling subsides and remove it before going to bed.
  4. Elevate the ankle 2-3 hours a day or at bedtime. Place a pillow under your leg to keep your ankle higher than your heart level.

Natural anti-sprain poultices


As soon as you are sure that there is nothing broken, hurry to make a poultice of clay in a thick layer (at least 1 cm), leave to act for an hour and renew. Not only will you avoid the swelling, but your ligaments will quickly recover from their overextension.


  • Make poultices with cabbage leaves used as compresses and covered with a band.
  • Leave on for several hours (unless it irritates you, in which case, start with 1/2 hour, and increase the time gradually). Also effective in cases of rheumatism, gout, sciatica, stiff neck …

Turmeric powder

Turmeric not only helps fight inflammation, but also reduces swelling and pain, and rests the muscle so that it can effectively treat a sprained ankle.

  • Mix turmeric powder with lukewarm water to form a paste, the best is to add some lime juice and make it hot.
  • Then apply it on the ankle and wrap it with a bandage, leave it on for at least 10 hours or overnight, then remove it.
  • In the other hand, add 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric powder to a cup of hot milk and drink it daily until you notice any changes.

Compresses and dressings against sprain


  • To relieve muscle, tendon or joint pain, apply a poultice made with a mixture of plain tofu and flour.
  • Mix thoroughly and spread over the area to be treated. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes and repeat if necessary.


  • Apply in compresses a solution obtained by mixing 1 tsp. tablespoon of arnica mother tincture in 1/4 liter of water.
  • Also take 3 granules ofArnica 5 CH Every 10 minutes, then every 30 minutes, hours etc …

Essential olive

The amazing health benefits of olive oil are well known for taking care of the beauty of women. But it is also a great natural remedy for ankle sprains because of its phenolic compound which can reduce inflammation and improve recovery.

  • Mix 3 teaspoons of olive oil with an egg yolk.
  • Apply the mixture to the affected area, massage gently.
  • Then cover it with a bandage.
  • Take it off after 2 days and do this remedy several times.

You can also massage the skin with olive oil to relax muscles and tissues, do this for 15-20 minutes, 2 times a day in a few weeks for the best results.

Homemade massages

Garlic juice

Garlic is an instant home remedy for ankle sprains due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes pain, improves the healing process and strengthens the immune system.

  • Clean the affected skin with lukewarm water and then dry it.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of garlic juice, 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in a small cup and mix everything together.
  • Gently massage the skin with this mixture for 10 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this remedy twice a day for 2-3 weeks.
  • Another recommendation is to mix 2 teaspoons of garlic juice with 2 teaspoons of almond oil and rub the skin with it.

Essential arnica

Another traditional medicine to treat this problem is arnica which has great effects on reducing swelling, pain and inflammation, helping to get rid of bursitis. and also increase blood circulation.

  • Clean the affected area with lukewarm water and then pat it dry.
  • Gently rub the skin with arnica oil for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then cover it with a bandage for 5-6 hours and then remove it.
  • Do this advice 2-3 times a day in a few weeks.
  • Remember to check allergy before applying this remedy and you should not apply it on the chapped skin.