How to overcome diarrhea ?

| How to overcome diarrhea ? | green natural supplement 5 tips for overcoming diarrhea

It’s no secret that diarrhea and its symptoms are very unpleasant and can even cripple you for a few days. How can you get rid of it effectively and as quickly as possible?

1. Choose the right foods

It is strongly recommended that you take care of your diet and hydration. First and foremost, drink plenty of water because with diarrhea, your body becomes dehydrated and you need to make up for this lack of water. In addition, it is preferable to opt for foods that are easily digested, such as soups (which hydrate at the same time). It is necessary to gain strength, so you should not skip starchy foods. Rice, pasta and potatoes are to be preferred, after having cooked them a lot to benefit from the starch. Lean meat is also possible. As for sugar, opt for compotes (hydrating and easy to digest), and our friend the banana!

2. Avoid the bad foods

If some foods are to be favored to fight against diarrhea, others are on the contrary to be banished. Indeed, it is better to avoid eating foods that are too fatty, too sweet, too acidic and too spicy. Why? Simply because they may attack your digestive system and make digestion more difficult, even painful. As for dairy products, it is advisable to reintroduce them slowly into your diet, in fermented form. A yogurt after a few days, but not a glass of milk in the middle of diarrhea!

3. Drink hot water with lemon

A lesser-known tip, but one that has been approved by a large number of testers, a mixture of hot water and lemon juice seems to be effective in getting rid of diarrhea. Squeeze half a lemon, pour the juice into a cup of hot water, stir and drink! Not only will it stop diarrhea, but it will also soothe intestinal pain.

4. Drink a white clay mixture

Even less known and more surprising, white clay has benefits for the digestive system and would therefore help cure diarrhea. Mix a teaspoon of white clay powder in a glass of water and drink. Repeat once a day until the diarrhea is gone.

5. Opt for homeopathy

Depending on the type and degree of diarrhea, homeopathic treatments seem to be effective in fighting it. To know which medication to choose, a professional (doctor, pharmacist) will need to know your symptoms in detail. Don’t be embarrassed, describe them to him!