Carpal tunnel: natural remedies and exercises to relieve pain

Soigner le syndrome du canal carpien naturellement

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to problems related to compression of the median nerve (at the wrist), this compression produces overpressure of the carpal tunnel and causes pain in the forearm, wrist and fingers.

The affected person feels numbness (hypoaesthesia), tingling (dysesthesia, paresthesia) of 3 or 4 fingers, pain starting from the synovial joint of the wrist, which can radiate to the arm … A loss of strength in the wrist and hand may also manifest. Women are 3 times more likely to suffer from it.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage that runs from the wrist to the hand on the palm side of the wrist. Bones, ligaments and tendons make up its structure. A nerve called the median nerve passes through the tunnel.

The median nerve part of a network of nerves that begin near the neck and shoulder and down to the hand. The median nerve provides sensation to the thumb, index, middle, and thumb of the ring finger.

CSC causes tingling, a numbness, a thumb weakness and an dull ache in the hand or arm. This is due to the pinching and the compression of the median nerve.

The intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome affected 126,943 people in 2014. Women represented 65% of these patients. The incidence of operated CTS increases with age. The age groups with the highest incidence rates are 50-59 years for women, then 75-84 years for women and men. Severe SCC may require surgery.

However, in this article, we take a look at the possible options for supporting and alleviating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome at home.

14 simple steps to take on a daily basis

Avoid repetitive hand movements to limit the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. The following home remedies and lifestyle options may provide some relief from mild to moderate symptoms of CTS. Always seek medical advice.

  1. Avoid repetitive hand and wrist movements, if possible
  2. Pay attention to hands and wrists and stop activities if you experience pain, discomfort or numbness
  3. Take frequent breaks if activities involving repetitive hand movements are unavoidable
  4. Try to keep the wrist in a neutral position without stretching it too much up or flexing it down
  5. Use the largest possible joints when lifting, such as the shoulder, to avoid additional strain on the wrists, hands and fingers
  6. Do not hold objects in the same way for too long
  7. Avoid vibrating power tools, such as jackhammers and floor sanders
  8. Adapt the workplace to maintain a neutral wrist position
  9. Loosening of grip or level of strength during activities that involve the hands, such as writing
  10. Trying not to sleep on your hands or with the wrists in a bent position
  11. Wearing a splint or brace on the wrist to rest the median nerve
  12. Do gentle stretching exercises for the hands, fingers and wrists
  13. Massage wrists, palms and backs of hands
  14. Alternate hot and cold therapy

There is some evidence to suggest that regular physical activity and exercises, especially those that involve the hands, can help protect against mild post-traumatic stress disorder.

PRECAUTIONS : However, CTS does not usually resolve without management, and it can get worse without medical intervention. It is essential to see a doctor in case of numbness or persistent weakness in the hand.

7 natural solutions to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

In addition to common sense measures to adopt on a daily basis, here is some alternative remedies which, if they will not treat the background, will relieve the discomfort and pain associated with carpal problems. Through supplementation of nutrients and vitamins, appropriate exercise and stretching, including the use of plants and hot / cold therapy.

1. Vitamin B6 and carpal tunnel syndrome

Research dating back to the 1980s has shown that vitamin B6 deficiency was more common in people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Get advice from your doctor, it is found as a dietary supplement coupled with magnesium in over-the-counter remedies. This association vitamin B6 and magnesium is great for warding off many ailments.

2. Yoga against ants in the fingers

Some yoga movements to effectively correct the compression of the median nerve of the wrist :

  • Firmly press palms together, fingers facing up and forearms horizontal.
  • Hold this position (and pressure) for 30 seconds, repeat several times a day.

In addition, massage the bones of the painful area several times a day with olive oil. This simple practice can avoid the usual surgical procedure.

3. Essential oils and numbness or tingling…

Essential oils can provide relief when carpal tunnel symptoms manifest as numb fingers or some tingling in the fingers or hands.

  • Rub regularly, wrists, palms and fingers with 2 or 3 drops of essential oil of peppermint diluted in 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
  • In case of pain, add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil of wintergreen.

To quickly reduce pain and inflammation, cool your wrists with ice cubes wrapped in a thin towel. Hold in place for at least 10 minutes and repeat the operation every hour.

Heat can also soothe pain by relaxing the muscles. Bathe your hands and wrists in warm to lukewarm water for 10 minutes each night before bed. If symptoms worsen, stop this treatment immediately. (The heat can also increase the pressure exerted on this area).

5. Tiger balm and trigger fingers …

For trigger fingers, apply in massages the Tiger Balm (red) that can be found in all pharmacies or Asian grocery stores.

6. Trigger finger, Vérove’s remedy (added in the comments)

In August 2015, I had a trigger finger on my right little finger, which blocked more and more and became painful. I tried the ice packs, the Scarring, tiger balm, hot water baths and homeopathy. I had no positive results. So I decided to make clay poultices at the rate of 2 per day for a duration of 3 hours each. The evening is therefore the privileged moment. After 2 months my trigger finger has totally disappeared and to this day I use my hand as if I had never had anything. This is an inexpensive remedy without any side effects.

7. Some exercises adapted to be carried out in prevention

Another key thing to consider is making sure you have proper posture if you are working seated. A bad working position is often caused by improper use of the mouse or keyboard, so pay attention to the correct form in the workplace and other times when using repetitive movements such as when playing sports or playing video games, while exercising, or while working on your hobbies.

Here are some exercises that you can use both as a preventative measure and as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome:

How to cure carpal tunnel syndrome naturally
Follow steps 1 to 9 as shown in the diagram. Do 5 cycles in a row.

How to cure carpal tunnel syndrome naturally
Follow steps from A. to E. Do 5 cycles in a row.