6 natural treatments against mastitis that you should absolutely know

Soigner les mastoses naturellement

Mastoses are benign, non-inflammatory conditions that usually present as a cyst or adenofibroma.

Does their size vary according to the phases of the menstrual cycle? It is a functional cyst. Are they fixed in size? It is the result of thickening of the breast tissue and during early menopause it is most often a fluid cyst.

In pre-menopause, symptoms of mastosis may increase because the level of progesterone decreases before estrogen levels. But once this transition period has passed, in postmenopausal women, the mastosis will tend to disappear with its symptoms: pain, tension, cysts …

The mammary mastoses are due to a excess estrogen or to a lack of progesterone. Treatments in traditional medicine consist of using synthetic or animal-based hormonal treatments, we will rule them out in this article and focus on natural herbal hormone treatments containing substances that help the body make hormones or phyto-hormones. that the body will choose to assimilate or not. in general, the advantage is the absence of side effects or adverse effects.

These natural treatments obviously take longer to treat than hormonal treatment by direct injection of isolated hormones in medicinal form. But the body will not experience any harmful side effects.

Mastosis is not to be taken lightly, and before starting these treatments, consult your general practitioner.

Natural treatments to treat mastosis …

Onage oil against mastitis

Perform an onage oil cure (1time cold pressed) for 3 months, at a dose of 500 mg per dose, 2 to 3 capsules per day, before meals (ie 1000 to 1500 mg). In the second part of the cycle and until menstruation, preferably in the morning for better absorption of omega-6 by the body. Confirm the dosage with your doctor.

Liver treatment against mastitis

At the same time, practice a physical activity and favor a balanced diet. In addition, relieve the liver with this herbal cure: Artichoke (leaves and stems), Birch, Chamomile, Milk thistle (Silymarin), Turmeric, Nettle, Dandelion, Horsetail, for 3 to 6 weeks. (10 ml before meals, and after the evening meal).

Mexican Yam (yam) treatment before your period

Take 600 mg (morning and evening before meals), 10 days before menstruation, wild Mexican yam (extracted from the root of the plant). The Yam (wild yam) is an ally of choice for postmenopausal or precocious menopausal women: It has several beneficial effects for premenstrual syndrome; in particular, it helps regulate the hormonal system and fight hot flashes. Ask your GP for advice.

Pregnant women experience a hormonal change, which can trigger symptoms if the women has some mastosis breast. In the first 3 months, and after childbirth, the risk of developing symptoms such as breast pain is greater.

Monitor your iron level

The pre-menopause can cause iron deficiency, because of irregular and heavy periods. This lack of iron is also one of the causes of fatigue. Others symptoms may appear at the time of menopause like hot flashes, anxiety or a drop in libido. Seek advice from your doctor, if necessary ask him for a prescription to check your iron level. Iron deficiency

Plants that regulate hormonal balance

For a 100% natural hormonal treatment without notable side effects, Combine with raspberry: birch, Siberian apple, black alder, common juniper… This to help reduce the size of breast cysts and prevent their reappearance.

Regular exercise

Practicing regular physical activity, in addition to a balanced diet, is also a significant source of well-being. By helping to lower stress, maintain good self-esteem, and a social life, it helps regulate hormonal variations.

Promote blood circulation in the breast

  • Perform breast massages, by massaging the breast and the inner edge of the arm (from the outside of the breast to the nipple, as if you wanted to extract the milk), with Oemine Vitex gel (non-hormonal gel based on chaste tree and lady’s mantle). These plants, which have been studied as a preventive against breast cancer, calm mastosis and help reduce fibrocystic regions.
  • Apply the gel once a day, 15 days a month (from 12e to 28e cycle day).
NOTE: You may also be able to reduce pain by using camphor oil.

Preventive massage of breast mastosis

Here is a breast massage technique against mastosis of the breast to be done every day if possible or regularly (in the shower for example). Pregnant women can also practice it for its beneficial effects.

breast mastosis natural remedies

Traditional Chinese medicine and mastosis …

Mastosis has been identified for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine, we find the first publications in 610 in Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun (Treatise on the origin and syndromes of various diseases).

According to traditional Chinese medicine, mastosis is closely related to the liver, stomach and spleen. Excess anger and anxiety can block the liver and spleen as well as the stomach, which can cause a blockage of blood vessels in the breast area.

One of the first treatments recommended by Chinese medicine is therefore to unblock the liver, the root of the problem. Master Guo pointed out to us that the surgical intervention only treats the “Peak” but not the “Root” of this disease because it often recurs after a surgical intervention, which also alters the aesthetic appearance of the breast. Acupuncture is nowadays the first therapeutic method to be chosen to treat this disease.