How to remove pet hair from sofa ?

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If you have a pet, you know how difficult it is to remove dog hair from a fabric sofa or living room or car seat cushions. We’ve tried several techniques for you: dusting roller, dishcloth or washcloth… And here’s which one really works!

No need for a vacuum cleaner, it’s actually a pain in the ass to vacuum up your pets’ hair when trying to vacuum them, they get stuck in the cushions! There is much simpler: put on rubber gloves (like dishwashing gloves), a little moistened, and the dog hair will be easy to catch! And that’s it! This technique also works very well for your carpets, rugs or furniture!


If you moisten your gloves with a mixture of water and baking soda, the effect will be tenfold because the baking soda helps neutralize static electricity ! Another method is to use a synthetic brush, with the same principle of using static electricity.

rubber glove
A wet rubber glove: The infallible anti-hair weapon!

How to make your own anti-hair brush

To remove hair from the sofa, we all know the adhesive brushesbut if you run out of them, you can improvise another method by wrapping a wide adhesive tape around your fingers, such as packing tape or the self-adhesive paper tape used by painters.

Another very effective trick is to remove them with wet hands Or, better yet, with slightly damp kitchen gloves.
Since fabrics seem to act like magnets on pet hair, some have been developed to repel it, especially for use as sofa or bed covers. These are very effective if the dog is allowed to climb on such furniture.

However, conventional satin tends to repel hair, which can save you money. Leather is another anti-hair material : fabrics in which hair adheres more readily, all of which contain wool and some of the synthetics because their capacity to create static electricity is very high.

Dog and cat hair and vacuum cleaner…

The vacuum cleaner is convenient, but it does not allow us to vacuum all the hair of our cat or dog The vacuum cleaner is practical but it does not allow us to vacuum all the hair of our cat or our dog on the grounds, the carpets, the pieces of furniture, the clothing, the sofas… And moreover at the end of a certain time of the odors of dog, embalm all the house as soon as one passes the vacuum cleaner, how to make?
First of all, it goes without saying that we must change the filter of our vacuum cleaner regularly. Then, a few drops of essential oils of lavender or orange on the filter, should prevent for some time the bad smells from spreading.

Some tips to remove dog or cat hair depending on the surface…

  • On a stone or vinyl floorUse a damp cloth. A damp microfibre cloth or even a damp glove will work wonders.
  • For a garment there is nothing better than a traditional clothes brush (always use against the grain).
  • For woolen garmentsSoak your brush in methylated spirits beforehand.

How to remove pet hair in the house?

Such an obvious tip, I wondered if it would be included here as a preventative, brushing your pets outside the house… It will always be a win-win situation!

anti-hair clothes brush

Removing cat hair from clothes: The Wet Cloth Trick

A damp cloth or sponge are best way to remove pet hair from clothes and will remove cat hair from your clothes better, so it’s also helpful to soak, . Water is a great ally when it comes to removing cat hair from a coat or sweater. “My trick is to wipe my clothes with a damp cloth and rub them, as this is very effective in trapping the hair trapped in the clothes,” says Maite López, a cleaning professional and owner of an adopted cat.

Another option? A damp sponge can also be used. Again, the important thing is toremove the collected hair from time to time and soak the cloth or sponge so that the captured hairs float in the liquid and are released from the cloth.

Soak the clothes if nothing works.

In extreme casesextreme measures are necessary. When a pair of trousers or a shirt seems insurmountable because of the amount of cat hair adhering to it, one trick is to soak the garment in a basin of plenty of water, allowing the clothing to float in the liquid. In this way, the hairs collect between them, and much of them will rise to the surface. This is how they will separate from the garment, which was the target.

If after applying all these tips, there is still cat or dog hair on the couch or clothes, the best advice is patience. The furry loves we share with cats and dogs have their peculiarities and, no doubt, one of them is to accept that these four-legged companions…. be surrounded by hair! That’s why we love them too, isn’t it?