9 Natural Tips to Get Rid of Ant Invasion

It’s ant season! And they are not harmful, but it is always unpleasant to find colonies or a nest of larvae in the corners of our house. Also, we take ourselves to believe that it is impossible to get rid of the infestation without chemicals or insecticide. At least that’s what you think, because natural insecticides and repellents often do just as good a job without being toxic. So, here are 9 natural grandma’s tricks to stop ant invasion.

1. Chalk to prevent ant invasion

Make a chalk line to block them out and you’ll see they won’t get past it! Diatomaceous earth can be used in the same way to get rid of ants. Of all the natural methods, this one is still very effective against these little beasts.

2. Lavender, the plant that suppresses ant invasion

Place bunches of lavender at each entrance of your house, ants hate the smell of lavender.

If you want to make a real repellent spray against ants here is a recipe based on essential oils:

  1. Mix 10 drops of peppermint essential oil with 5 drops of lavender essential oil,
  2. Add 1/4 L of 40° alcohol and pour the mixture into a spray bottle,
  3. Spray this solution on the affected areas

3. Cayenne pepper

Far too strong for ants, this smell will definitely scare them away, especially in the cupboards where they are looking for food! By the way, put all the food in jars to protect them from the insects if they have found cracks to reach the pantry. Place small piles of your cayenne pepper in the affected areas and they will be gone after a few days.

4. Basil and mint leaves, the best aromatic herbs to repel ants

To quickly scare away ants, place mint and basil leaves in your home.

5. White vinegar

Spray white vinegar pure or diluted with water on the affected areas and windowsills to control and eradicate ants. It is one of the best natural repellents!

6. Baking powder

Simply sprinkle baking powder in the path of the ants. They will quickly flee.

7. Garlic

For us, it is a source of food. For them, it is a horror and therefore perfect when you want to get rid of the ant and its colony! Crush some garlic, and put this mixture in your house, the smell will scare the ants away.

8. Coffee grounds

Moisten your coffee grounds, place a good layer of it on the affected areas, whether inside or outside, and go for it with gusto! You will see that the ants will be gone in a very short time.

9. Corn flour

Place corn flour in the area to stop ant invasions in your home.