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    9 Natural Tips to Get Rid of Ant Invasion

    It’s ant season! And they are not harmful, but it is always unpleasant to find colonies or a nest of larvae in the corners of our house. Also, we take ourselves to believe that it is impossible to get rid of the infestation without chemicals or insecticide. More

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    Top 10 Unhealthy and Toxic Foods for Cats

    One might think that certain foods, such as tuna for example, are good for cats because they are fish, but this is not true! If he eats it regularly, it can make him sick. Here are some foods which, at first sight, seem harmless, but are real poisons for the cat… More

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    5 Natural Flea Remedies to Protect your Dog

    To fight flea infestations in dogs and cats, there are the classic solutions that you can buy from your veterinarian. However, pipettes, flea collars and antiparasitic tablets are not necessarily the most economical solutions (nor the healthiest). More